Ibiza, steeped in cultural richness, is a tapestry woven with tradition and legend. A convergence of cultures from around the world has given birth to a beautiful island adorned with diverse influences.

The homes on the island, often centuries-old, bear the mark of the islanders’ craftsmanship. Ibiza’s countryside is still dotted with these whitewashed dwellings, where new spaces are added to accommodate expanding families. It’s not uncommon for entire families to reside together under one roof.

Each of these homes, due to their distinctive architecture, carries its own nickname, a name passed down from generation to generation. Surprisingly, the name of your dwelling holds more significance than your own surname.

Traditional Ibiza:

The true artisans of Ibiza continue to pass down their expertise from generation to generation. One can witness the enduring tradition of the Ball Pagès dance, a dance that has been handed down through the generations.

During festive occasions, locals perform this dance in squares outside churches, showcasing that traditions are alive and thriving in Ibiza. In the summer months, head to Dalt Vila, near the bastion of Sant Pere, to witness this traditional dance, a weekly occurrence during the peak season.

Hippies on Ibiza:

In the 1960s, Ibiza became a magnet for hippies. The influx of these free spirits led to the creation of their own clothing, known as Adlib Fashion. Latin for “with pleasure,” this style emphasizes comfortable clothing with simple designs.

Today, Adlib Fashion is an established brand from Ibiza, inspiring numerous designers on the catwalk. The predominant color in this fashion line is often white, and the garments are crafted from 100% natural fabrics. Known for its comfort, this clothing represents the traditional attire of the Mediterranean. Every summer, a new collection, complete with handmade jewelry, is launched—a perfect blend of daytime comfort and evening allure.

Island of Artists

Ibiza is home to a multitude of artists, drawn to the island for its unique light. For decades, painters, photographers, writers, and poets from different countries have converged on Ibiza. Many of these artists decided to make Ibiza their permanent home, never to leave the island.

The fruits of their creativity can be explored in various galleries across the island. Some artists even open their workshops for visitors. The artworks are often available for direct purchase from the artists in their studios. In addition to paintings, these artistic havens offer an array of ceramics. You can visit these painters in the countryside or explore one of the many art markets during the summer months.

Ibiza is not just an island; it’s a living canvas, painted with the brushstrokes of tradition, dance, and artistry. Explore its cultural depths, and you’ll discover a vibrant tapestry that continues to evolve, keeping the spirit of Ibiza alive and thriving.

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