Cueva de Ses Fontanelles - A historical treasure adorned with ancient rock drawings, offering a glimpse into Ibiza's cultural heritage.

Ibiza boasts a handful of captivating caves adorned with ancient paintings that offer a glimpse into the island’s distant past. Among these, the Cueva de Ses Fontanelles stands out, showcasing breathtaking rock drawings. For culture enthusiasts, this cave is a must-visit on your Ibiza itinerary.

The Wine Cave

Also known as Cova des Vi, or the Wine Cave, Cueva de Ses Fontanelles earned its name from its historical role as a wine storage facility. Positioned just outside the heart of Sant Antoni, accessible from Cala Salada, the cave served as an ideal locale for preserving wine. The cave’s walls maintained optimal temperatures, preventing the wine from souring in the island’s heat. Discovered in 1917 by the French archaeologist Henri Breuil, he posited that the rock drawings within date back to the Bronze Age, around 1,000 years BCE. Notably, the western section of the cave features drawings of ships.

Exploring the Cave

Regrettably, the cave is not easily accessible. Ibiza’s authorities have chosen to secure it with iron grates, allowing visitors to admire the rock drawings from a distance. Despite this, a visit promises not only glimpses into the cave but also stunning views of the sea and Ibiza’s picturesque rocky coastline.

How to Reach

To reach the cave, follow the road to Cala Salada. As you approach the beach, take the final right turn onto an unpaved road. You can drive part of the way but not entirely. Passing two houses, one roadside and the other within the forest, when the road ends, turn right, then left at the next dead-end, leading to a cliff where you can park your car. From here, the rest of the journey is on foot. Take the right trail from this point, and the cave lies 500 meters downhill. Note that the road is quite bumpy, so assess if your vehicle is suitable. Alternatively, you can walk the entire way from Cala Salada, but this will require a considerable amount of time. From Punta Galeria, the path becomes rocky along the coast, providing stunning views, assuming you’re not afraid of heights.

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Ibiza by exploring Cueva de Ses Fontanelles, a cave that narrates stories from ancient times through its captivating rock drawings.

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