Cova de Can Marca - A journey into Ibiza's ancient past, featuring stunning stalagmites and stalactites in Cova de Can Marca cave.

Step into a world more than 100,000 years old, where stunning stalagmites and stalactites, a captivating light show, and a breathtaking view await. Welcome to one of Ibiza’s oldest caves—Cova de Can Marca. Intrigued? Let’s delve into this ancient wonder.

The Cave’s Ancient Charm Cova de Can Marca stands among Ibiza’s oldest caves, its history stretching back over 100,000 years. The cave has transformed over the centuries, adorned with beautiful stalagmites (hanging formations) and stalactites (ascending formations). The waterfalls and water channels within the cave have turned to stone, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

In 1970, Belgian explorer Jean-Pierre van der Abeelle discovered Cova de Can Marca. His vision was to make the cave accessible to the public. Before his discovery, the cave served a vastly different purpose. In the 1950s, smugglers utilized this hidden haven to conceal their illicit goods—an ideal hiding spot. To this day, you can still spot the red and black markings they painted, providing alternative routes out of the cave in case of emergencies.

Plan Your Visit Eager to explore this ancient marvel? The entrance sits 12/14 meters above sea level, and the cave maintains a temperature of approximately 20 degrees Celsius. Guided tours, available in various languages, last about 40 minutes.

Getting There By Car: Enjoy complimentary parking at the cave. Keep in mind that the road to the cave is hilly, winding, narrow at times, and may lack guardrails. Exercise caution.

By Bus: Take the bus line to ‘Lucas Costa Co,’ running from May to October, stopping about 100 meters from the cave.

By Mini-Train: Opt for the mini-train, passing through Sant Miguel, home to one of Ibiza’s oldest churches from the 13th century. The train also traverses the charming white churches in Sant Lloren, Sant Joan, and San Vicent. Departing from Portinatx, Port de Sant Miguel, and Cala San Vicente, the train offers a scenic journey, culminating at Cova de Can Marca.

Tips for Your Visit:

  • Cova de Can Marca is an excellent family-friendly attraction.
  • Accessibility for individuals with reduced mobility is challenging, and strollers are not recommended.
  • Enjoy a stunning view of Torre d’es Molar, a tower from 1750, opposite the cave entrance. This tower offers a panoramic view of Ibiza’s mainland and Cova de Can Marca.
  • Witness the ancient lizard species on the almost extinct island of Murada.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, as the ground is rocky.

Location: Cova de Can Marca, Port de Sant Miguel

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Cova de Can Marca, where history unfolds in every stalagmite and ancient tale, inviting you to explore the depths of Ibiza’s past.

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