Nestled in the northern part of Ibiza, approximately 5 km from the quaint village of San Carlos, lies the sweet haven of Cala Mastella. When I say ‘little,’ it’s no exaggeration – the beach spans a mere 50 meters, enveloped by pine trees, pebbles, and posidonia-laden seawater. A limited number of sunbeds and parasols dot the shoreline. It’s pure simplicity, and that’s what makes it heavenly…

Crowd and Atmosphere
Basking in the sun here is a serene experience. This picturesque cove remains relatively undiscovered by travelers, serving as a secluded spot where locals unwind on their personal loungers or lay out their towels. If you’re a fan of nature, tranquility, and an intimate ambiance, Cala Mastella is undoubtedly the place to be.

Food & Drinks
A small, charming chiringuito named Kiosku Cala Mastella serves up simple dishes, snacks, and drinks. However, for a unique culinary adventure, take the path to the left over the rocks, leading you to the legendary El Bigotes restaurant. This iconic beach establishment offers one of Ibiza’s most renowned specialties: bullit de peix. It doesn’t get more authentic than this – highly recommended!

What Else?
Parking is available under the trees, adjacent to the beach. However, it’s limited, so arriving early is well worth the effort.

Situated in the northeast of Ibiza, Cala Mastella is easily accessible by car. The last stretch of the paved road is a bit narrow, but parking overlooking the beach is available.

In summary, Cala Mastella is a hidden gem where simplicity meets serenity. Secluded from the tourist crowds, it’s a haven for those seeking an authentic and tranquil Ibiza experience. Whether lounging on the petite beach or savoring the local flavors at El Bigotes, every moment here is a testament to the island’s untouched beauty.

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