Aquas Blancas

Aguas Blancas stretches out with its dark golden sand, framed by dramatic rocky cliffs, offering a glimpse of Ibiza’s untouched northeastern coastline. As one of the island’s designated naturist beaches, it embodies the raw beauty of Ibiza’s nature. The turquoise waters, often shallow and inviting, are perfect for a refreshing swim. Adventurous souls can explore the numerous caves and rocky formations dotting the shoreline. On windy days, the foamy white waves crashing against the shore give the beach its poetic name, Aguas Blancas, which translates to white waters.

Who goes to Aquas Blancas?

During the summer season, locals from Ibiza seek refuge from the bustling tourist areas by heading to the south end of Aguas Blancas. Here, you’ll find a mix of long-time hippies and those who appreciate the freedom of naturism. On the opposite end, the beach attracts a diverse crowd of European travelers, families enjoying a day out, and young couples looking for a tranquil spot to unwind.

Best Time to Visit Aquas Blancas

To make the most of your sunbathing sessions, it’s advisable to arrive at Aguas Blancas early in the day. By 6pm, the sun begins to set behind the cliffs, casting enchanting shadows across the sand. Additionally, early birds benefit from easier parking, as the later you arrive, the higher up the hill you may have to park. While finding your ideal spot on the beach, don’t be surprised if your feet get wet; you’ll need to walk through some water when moving from one beach section to another.

Recent Changes and Closures

Since 2023, Aguas Blancas has been closed to the public due to falling cliffs, making it too hazardous for visitors. The parking area has also been closed for safety reasons. As a result, there has been a significant decline in visitors, with the once-bustling beach now seeing sparse attendance. Furthermore, all facilities, including bars and amenities, have shut down due to the beach’s closure.

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