In the serene northern reaches of Ibiza, Cala de San Vicent unfolds, a vast and welcoming bay that has gracefully preserved its authenticity, standing as a testament to a time where tranquility reigns supreme. Far from being a drawback, the stillness of time here contributes to the unique, peaceful character of this beach. Stretching approximately 500 meters, the bay is embraced by towering cliffs, creating an idyllic haven where time seems to stand still. Along the entire beach, a charming promenade weaves its way, adorned with restaurants, bars, and shops, all against the backdrop of the dazzling azure sea and gently bobbing boats. A truly heavenly setting, isn’t it?

Here, you can indulge in the simplicity of plastic beach loungers and parasols for rent, paddleboats, kayaks, or even embark on a banana boat adventure. Snorkeling enthusiasts will find ample underwater wonders to explore.

Crowd and Atmosphere
This is undeniably a family-friendly beach, cherished by both locals and tourists alike. Families, couples, and those in search of tranquility gravitate towards this haven. In terms of atmosphere, the ambiance of this bay often reminds me of Cala Llonga – another beloved family beach – in the east of Ibiza. The mood is laid-back, inviting a tranquil chill and sun-soaked relaxation. Kids frolic in the water, and due to the ample size of the beach, finding a spot to lay your towel is rarely an issue; overcrowding is a rare occurrence.

Food & Drinks
A plethora of dining options awaits, with standouts like The Boat House, On The Beach, and Can Gat. The latter is an Ibiza institution, a traditional Ibizan seafood restaurant that has stood the test of time, revered by the local community. Here, you can savor excellent paella and other typical Ibiza dishes such as bullit de peix.

The Boat House and On The Beach, both stylish beach restaurants run by the same (Dutch) owner, offer diverse menus, generous portions, and an excellent price-quality ratio, all within a uniquely decorated setting that borders on the extravagant. Highly recommended and particularly adored by Dutch visitors who like bitterballs.

What Else?
For hiking enthusiasts, a beautiful trail leads to the abandoned lighthouse, ‘faro de sa Punta Grossa,’ near Cala de San Vicent. Please note: it’s a stunning but challenging hike, not suitable for kids, the elderly, or those with a fear of heights. Be sure to carefully follow the route instructions.

The Abandoned Lighthouse of Sa Punta Grossa Location
In the northern expanse of Ibiza, Cala de San Vicent beckons. Parking is available at the lot adjacent to On The Beach restaurant or in the parking spaces surrounding the bay.

In summary, Cala de San Vicent unfolds as a haven where the sands of time stand still, offering a serene escape for families, couples, and those seeking an authentic, tranquil Ibiza experience. Whether indulging in a feast at Can Gat or enjoying the Dutch-infused vibe at The Boat House and On The Beach, every moment here feels like a cherished pause in the passage of time.

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