Recently, a new app has made its debut: the Medusas Ibiza app. Its founders, Ismael Madrigal and Roel van Eersel, both share a love for the beautiful sea and idyllic beaches surrounding Ibiza and Formentera. Their goal is to enjoy a ‘jellyfish-free’ sea as much as possible and prevent heading to a location with many jellyfish. This led them to create the Medusas Ibiza app.

How Does the App Work? Upon launching the app, you instantly see reported jellyfish locations. Click on a beach and check the ‘jellyfish forecast’ to assess whether it’s safe to visit. The detailed screen provides all information about the beach, including photos and a list of available facilities. With just a press of the special button, you can easily report jellyfish sightings, assisting others in avoiding stings or irritations.

The displayed information in the app relies on reports from users, captains, and lifeguards. Since it’s unavoidable to never get stung by a jellyfish again, the app includes an emergency section with tips for treating jellyfish stings.

Why a ‘Jellyfish App’ for Ibiza? The app aims to assist the local population and visitors in Ibiza, as the founders want to give back to the island that has given them so much beauty. However, they are still seeking financial support and sponsors to keep the app freely available.

The Medusas Ibiza app is compatible with iOS and Android and can be downloaded via

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