For those renting vacation homes or apartments, the option to cook your own meals is not just a budget-savvy choice but also a delightful experience shared with friends or family. Even for families with kids, preparing a meal in the comfort of your accommodation can be a practical and enjoyable experience.

Rest assured, Ibiza is not lacking in supermarkets. No need to worry about hunger or thirst; however, as a tourist, navigating the island’s stores may require a bit of exploration. To assist you, here’s a handy overview, along with my personal favorites.

Before venturing out, check the kitchenware available in your accommodation; it can be quite limited. There’s no point buying a juicy steak if there’s no pan available. Items like kitchen paper, dishcloths, aluminum foil, dish soap, salt, and pepper are often not provided, so check in advance and add them to your shopping list if necessary.

Supermarkets in Ibiza

Hiper Centro
A spacious and well-organized supermarket offering a vast array of products. It boasts a large fresh meat and fish section where items can be prepared and packed on the spot. Additionally, there’s an extensive dairy section, an organic department, and gluten, sugar, and lactose-free products, along with vegetarian and vegan options. The alcohol section is housed in a separate area where payment is made. Hiper Centro has both large establishments, like the one on the road from Ibiza town to San Antonio, and smaller branches.

A supermarket chain with both large and smaller branches scattered across the island. The larger stores offer an extensive selection, including a fresh meat and fish section where items can be prepared and packed on-site, a small organic section, and vegetarian and vegan options.

A Spanish supermarket chain with over 1,630 stores, including four on Ibiza. Mercadona provides a comprehensive selection, featuring a fresh meat and fish section where items can be prepared and packed on-site. One downside is the limited availability of organic products and the absence of a dedicated organic section. However, Mercadona offers the convenience of a somewhat outdated online store where groceries can be ordered and delivered to your holiday address, with delivery costs of about 7 euros.

With three locations on the island, Lidl is generally the most economical option. Lidl is excellent for general groceries, but it may fall short on specific items. There is no butcher or fresh fish section; these items are pre-packaged. Lidl has expanded its selection to include a reasonably extensive organic department, offering organic products at affordable prices.

I typically do my major shopping at Lidl (fruit, vegetables, water, toilet paper, etc.), and for items I can’t find, I head to Hiper Centro (e.g., soy yogurt, tofu & seitan, coriander, granola, herbs, coconut milk, …).

Since 2019, Aldi has also found its place on Ibiza. The supermarket chain, familiar to many in Belgium and the Netherlands, is popular for its extensive selection at affordable prices.

Interestingly, Spar supermarkets are also found on Ibiza. There are 12 small “express” stores caterig mostly to tourists, offering various items.

Eight smaller supermarkets with a quality selection, featuring a fresh meat and fish section, and some even have freshly prepared sushi!

Supermarkets Open on Sunday in Ibiza
Arriving on a Sunday and need to grab some groceries before heading to your vacation villa? Here are the supermarkets open on Sunday during the high season:

  • Hiper Centro: Open on Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm.
  • Lidl San Antonio and Ibiza town: 9 am to 3 pm.

Bio Supermarkets on Ibiza
Looking for organic, vegetarian, and vegan products, or gluten and lactose-free items? You can explore one of the island’s bio supermarkets. There are several, each with its own size, but my favorite is Bio Express located on the road from Ibiza town to Santa Eularia.

The shop itself may not be huge, but it offers a decent variety of products, including vegetables/fruits, vegetarian and vegan products, dairy, dry organic food, non-food items like cleaning/laundry detergent, cosmetics, and even pet food. They also stock dietary supplements, superfoods, and protein powders.

More Bio Supermarkets on Ibiza:

  • Ibiza town: Bio Organic, Savia, Natural Eivissa
  • Santa Eularia: Natural Point, Herbodietetica RaĆ­ces
  • San Antonio: Herbarius

Exploring Ibiza’s supermarkets is not just about filling your cart; it’s a culinary adventure that adds flavor to your holiday experience. So, go ahead, stock up, and create your own gastronomic masterpieces amidst the beauty of Ibiza. Happy cooking!

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