If you’re in search of a peaceful family beach, look no further! In the northeast of Ibiza lies Cala Llenya, a fantastic, expansive sandy beach surrounded by forests and towering cliffs. The fine sand is perfect for kids to play in, and the gradual deepening of the sea ensures a safe swimming experience.

A significant advantage: there’s ample space for everyone, whether you prefer a sun lounger or simply want to lay out your towel. It’s never overwhelmingly crowded like the trendy beaches in the south and west. Here, you’ll find plenty of room and reasonably priced sun loungers…

Crowd and Atmosphere
Cala Llenya is immensely popular among both locals and tourists who enjoy sunbathing with their families, appreciating its peaceful, family-friendly character. The atmosphere is very free and easy-going, with no music, just pure tranquility. It’s also a delightful spot for couples. On the far left of the beach, you’ll often find naturists – for those who want to avoid tanning lines 😉

Food & Drinks
There’s a simple chiringuito serving drinks and snacks. Don’t expect gourmet delights, but rather straightforward dishes like sandwiches, pizzas, salads, ham with melon, grilled fish, paella, etc. The father serves, the mother is at the stove, and grandma peels potatoes outside, wrapping utensils in napkins. Charming! Note: cash only.

What Else?
Cala Llenya is easily accessible, with a paved road leading to a spacious parking area under the trees, adjacent to the beach. Follow the wooden walkway. You’ll find water pedals (pedalos) and showers, as well as sun loungers and parasols. As far as I know, you can’t reserve sun loungers on Cala Llenya, so arrive early if you want one.

Located in the northeast of Ibiza, Cala Llenya is easily reachable with ample parking under the trees. Caution: never leave belongings in your car, as break-ins are common.


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