Playa Puerto de San Miguel - A tranquil beach embraced by pine trees, cliffs, and crystal-clear waters near San Miguel village in Ibiza.

Just a short 5-minute drive from the charming village of San Miguel lies Playa Puerto de San Miguel. Once a bustling harbor for the locals of San Miguel, today, the quaint old port serves as a modest beach, stretching 100 meters in length and 80 meters in width.

Unveiling the Beach’s Charms

While not expansive, Playa Puerto de San Miguel captivates with its beauty, surrounded by lush pine trees. For those willing to embark on a short climb, a scenic walk along the pine trees offers panoramic views. The crystal-clear waters add to the natural allure, and the beach finds itself embraced by cliffs. Combining a visit to Port de Sant Miguel with the Can Marça caves enhances the overall experience.

Accessible by both car and bus, the latter shuttling regularly between San Miguel and Port de Sant Miguel, this small beach is well-marked along the road, providing easy parking for those driving. Despite its size, Playa Puerto de San Miguel hosts various activities, including a sailing school, diving lessons, and waterskiing. While the surroundings feature a few hotels, the village remains a far cry from being labeled a resort.

Exploring the Locale

While the vicinity lacks traditional shops, save for a handful of tourist boutiques, Playa Puerto de San Miguel compensates with excellent restaurants and beach bars. Noteworthy is a unique hotel nestled on the rocks around the beach, offering a distinctive overnight experience. Staying in this cliffside hotel is a recommendation for those seeking an unparalleled coastal retreat. Of course, alternative accommodation options in San Miguel itself are also available.

Playa Puerto de San Miguel, with its tranquility, outdoor activities, and distinct lodging options, emerges as a hidden gem near San Miguel village. Whether you seek a leisurely day by the beach, thrilling water adventures, or a unique cliffside stay, this coastal haven has much to offer.

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