Navigating the glistening path between Ibiza and Formentera, a multitude of ferries provide a sea bridge, each vessel gently whispering of adventures and tranquillity across the waters.

Taking Your Car Across the Sea

Embarking upon this journey with your vehicle opens a world of exploration at your own pace. Both Baleària and Trasmapi welcome not just passengers, but also their vehicles aboard. Imagine the freedom as the Baleària ferries, including the notable Posidònia and Ramon Llull, or Trasmapi’s swift Castaví Jet, glide you and your vehicle towards new horizons, the journey unfolding over a leisurely thirty to sixty minutes.

Navigating Ferry Schedules

The tapestry of choices for voyaging between Ibiza and Formentera by sea is abundant, with each ferry company providing a melody of schedules and experiences. Whether you embark on the thirty-minute swift crossings offered by fast ferries from Formentera Lines, Trasmapi, and Baleària, or perhaps choose the slightly lengthier, yet equally enchanting, forty to sixty-minute journey provided by Aquabus, the voyage is as much a part of the adventure as the destination.

Summer’s Gentle Call

In the warm embrace of summer, the frequency of ferries blossoms, providing approximately 25 departures daily, beginning at the first light of 06:30 and whispering farewell with the last departure at 01:00. A symphony of options, each ferry dancing across the sea, inviting explorers to discover Formentera’s serene beauty.

What Awaits Aboard?

As the ferries cradle you across the waves, the services, facilities, and prices often weave a tapestry of choices to ensure your journey is as delightful as possible. From the gentle lull of WiFi to enchanting children’s areas, and even options for those seeking a budget-friendly voyage, each ferry crafts a unique experience upon the seas.

Arriving in Formentera

With each arrival at Puerto de la Savina in Formentera, a new chapter of your adventure begins. The soft sands of Ses Illetes beach gently beckon, and the ease of the Tourist Bus L3 gracefully connects the port to the beach, whisking you away on a brief, 15-minute journey towards the sun-drenched embrace of Formentera’s shores.

Although tickets can often be purchased at the port, considering an online purchase might cradle you away from potential queues during the vibrant summer months, allowing your adventure between Ibiza and Formentera to flow as smoothly as the waves beneath the ferry.

Each moment between these two islands, whether upon the gentle sea or exploring sandy shores and hidden coves, is a melody of experiences, inviting you to immerse yourself in the gentle, exhilarating embrace of the Balearic Islands. May your journeys be as boundless and enchanting as the waves themselves.

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