Portinatx - family Friendly resort in Northern Ibiza

If you’re seeking serenity in Ibiza, Portinatx is your ideal destination. This charming town, suitable for families, unfolds along a beautiful secluded bay with crystal-clear waters. The tranquil sea, rocky formations, and lush surroundings create an enchanting setting for swimming and snorkeling. Portinatx boasts good restaurants, shops, and various hotels, making it a perfect spot for a peaceful Ibiza vacation.

A Family-Friendly Retreat

Situated in the northern part of Ibiza, just a half-hour drive from Ibiza Town, Portinatx resides in the quieter section of the island. Despite its peaceful ambiance, the island’s compact size positions Portinatx as an excellent starting point for exploring Ibiza’s attractions. Renting a car, scooter, or bike is relatively inexpensive in the village, providing convenient transportation. While there is a bus service, it operates on a Spanish schedule, so extreme reliability may not be guaranteed. Additionally, during the season, there’s an auto-train offering a unique journey to nearby hotspots.

Charming Center of Portinatx

Despite being a small seaside town, Portinatx boasts a delightful center. You’ll find various good restaurants, shops, supermarkets, a pharmacy, and a few bars. Several restaurants are situated directly on the beach, allowing children to play on the sands after meals while parents enjoy extended conversations.

In Portinatx, renting a car, scooter, or bike is cost-effective, offering an opportunity to explore the beautiful surrounding nature. Ibiza is too stunning to remain undiscovered.

Around the town center, several hotels and apartments cater to different budget ranges. Portinatx is particularly popular among families from the Netherlands, Germany, and England.

While the town may not offer vibrant nightlife, a pleasant evening awaits in its bars and dance cafes. Quiz nights are also organized regularly. Due to the limited nightlife options, the town is less frequented by groups of young people, making it a haven for couples and families.

Portinatx in Winter

After the tourist season, Portinatx enters a winter slumber. Most major hotels close, along with many restaurants and shops. If you plan to visit Portinatx outside the regular season, having a car is essential.


As the northernmost point of Ibiza, Portinatx is easily accessible by road. Parking is free, but finding a spot near the beach can be challenging.

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